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About Engelina Boers

Engelina Boers is Australia’s only health professional specialising in providing a 4 step system that releases the Neurological origin of Muscular pain and restriction. Her passion lies in understanding the link between Neuroscience and Esoteric Knowledge.

Engelina Boers has created an innovative and highly effective approach which changes the way people treat pain.

Over the past 25 years Engelina has combined her detailed knowledge, her international facilitation, and her vast experience, and applied it to her own highly successful Neuromuscular Massage business. She has worked with leading clinicians, internationally successful athletes, and business and sporting professionals.

Engelina is highly intuitive, and has become renowned for being one of the leaders in her field. She has taken her knowledge and expertise and made it profoundly practical and understandable.

Engelina Boers is on a mission. She is passionate about helping people achieve freedom from pain and restriction, no matter how seemingly complex their limitations are. She believes there is never a better time with the information and awareness available today, for people to take responsibility for their own levels of health and well being. She believes pain and restriction do not have to be a way of life, or in limited in solutions, and has drawn on a lifetime of her own experience of injury rehabilitation to create this simple four step process.

Put simply, Engelina provides a profound and unique perspective which changes the way people treat pain.

Engelina Boers

I love seeing the benefits that people gain through Neuromuscular Massage and the results this treatment offers in providing effective pain relief.

Which is why I am passionate and dedicated in what I do, and my clients agree.